Learning and challenging days

Today I made a few bash scripts which read the data from the file and then process that data in a meaningful way by using Grass software. I have also learnt stuff related to contour by Grass software.

One interesting thing happened today

When I have given my bash script to Amarjeet and he runs my bash script as sh myscript.sh and it gave an error “Unexcepted token error [[” but on my laptop was working fine. On my laptop I run my bash script as ./myscript.sh and then after some time I found the answer that why script gives an error on Amarjeet’s laptop. Actually, he runs my script in sh shell whereas I have written my script according to the bash shell and then I told to Amarjeet to run my bash script as bash myscript.sh or as ./myscript.sh.

Daily diary

Today, I tried to draw dimensions of a part by using the Draft workbench of FreeCAD. However, I can draw the dimensions of through coding but many things that I have to keep in mind like page offset and position of three vectors etc.

I also solved one program of “Roy and Profile Picture” (https://www.hackerearth.com/problem/algorithm/roy-and-profile-picture/) in C++. Here is the solution of the above problem.

Daily diary

Today, I didn’t worked so much but I solved one problem related the Arch module present in the FreeCAD on the Experimental server. Actually, when I imported Arch module in command line FreeCAD freecadcmd it gave a error “Exception while processing file: drawing.FCMacro [‘module’ object has no attribute ‘updateLocale’]”. It was the bug presented in the FreeCAD command line 0.14 version because in 0.14 version Arch module depended on GUI and in command line FreeCAD, GUI is not present. Then, I upgraded the command line FreeCAD to 0.16 version and after this my problem was solved.